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# $Id$
For the impatient: ruby ./installer.rb all
should generally works, but it is still a good idea to check
before that sensible values are correctly defined by calling:
ruby ./installer.rb
You will need Ruby to install ZoneCheck, after the installation the
executable will be available under the name of 'zonecheck'
Ruby can be found as a package or port in every serious
Unix. Otherwise, see <URL:> and
<URL:>, or if you are a Windows user, you
can find a version of ruby in the cygwin distribution
- you need at least the version 1.8 of Ruby.
- it is not advised for now to use 'rubyinstaller'
<URL:> as some constantes
allowing to detect errors in network connectivity are not defined.
If you are reading this file, we can assume that you haven't already
install ZoneCheck by typping "make install"; in fact you don't need
the 'make' command (but as it is a reflex, a dummy Makefile has been
To install ZoneCheck you need to execute the following command:
ruby ./installer.rb target [-Dparam=value]
where target can have one of the following values
- all: install everything
- common: install common part of ZoneCheck
- cgi: install the necessary files for cgi (requires: common)
- cli: install the necessary files for command line (requires: common)
- doc: install extra documentation
the -D option allow to define one of the installation parameters
for exemple:
- RUBY define the full path of the interpreter to use
- PREFIX define where zonecheck will be install
- HTML_PATH define the path relative to the web site (for the cgi)
There are a few other parameters but you shouldn't need them.
The default hierarchie is:
PREFIX [/usr/local]
|-- bin
| `-- zonecheck # Command line
|-- etc
| `-- zonecheck # Configuration directory
| |-- zc.conf # Main configuration file
| |-- rootservers # List of the root servers (YAML file)
| |-- reverse.rules # Rules for checking reverse delegation
| |-- ... # ...
| `-- default.rules # Default set of rules to be used
|-- libexec
| `--zonecheck
| |-- cgi-bin
| | `-- zc.cgi # CGI
| |-- html # HTML directory (javascript, css, pics, ...)
| | |-- en # English version
| | |-- ... # ...
| | `-- fr # French version
| |-- locale # Localisation files
| |-- test # Test set
| |-- lib # Extra libraries (NResolv, Address, ...)
| `-- zc # core component
`-- share
`-- doc
`-- zonecheck # Documentation
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