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A simple django text editor widget using WCTeditor
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django-wcteditor is a simple Django widget for textareas built reusing the simple WCTeditor.

Installation / Usage

  • Include ´wcteditor´ subdirectory into yoir project's folder.

  • If you are using a previous version to Django 1.3, please copy static/wcteditor directory into STATIC_ROOT directory. If you are using Djago 1.3 run:

      ./ collectstatic
  • django-wcteditor need jquery and jquery-tmpl installed in your STATIC_ROOT directory. Please install them.

  • Add ´wcteditor´ to INSTALLED_APPS in ´´.

  • Import ´wcteditor´ widget class and use it in your forms:

    from django import forms
    from myapp.models import MyModel
    from wcteditor.widgets import WCTeditor
    class MyForm(forms.Form):
        summary = forms.CharField(widget=WCTeditor())
        other_field = forms.CharField(max_length=10)

How does it looks like?

sample screenshot

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