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Welcome to the matahari wiki!

What is Matahari?

Matahari is two things:

  • a collection of generically useful APIs for systems management and monitoring accessible over a remote interface via a collection of Agents, and
  • a framework for adding new Agents & APIs

Design goals

  • Provide easy extensibility for new Agents & APIs
  • Cross Platform: Linux (Starting with Fedora) / Windows
  • Be easily extended to additional OSes and Distros
  • Works on virtualized guests & bare metal hosts
  • Host-to-guest networking not required for Host-to-guest API usage

Please see our Feature Backlog

Initial Use Cases

Provide Guest Introspection / Control for:

  • Cloud Deployments
  • Virtual Machine Management Environments
  • High Availability of Virtual Machines

General OS Management

  • General purpose local / remote systems management (FMCI / system-config-* tooling)
  • Integration with tools like kickstart / Puppet for post boot configuration (appliance / cloud models)

Provide Limited Host Data to Guests

  • Replacement for vhostmd for SAP requirements

Who is Driving the Project

Currently the project is staffed by a number of Red Hat employees. We do all our development in the open against the latest Fedora releases.

If you're interested in getting involved to add additional agents or distro support, you're welcome to fork our codebase here at github and/or get in touch with us on the public mailing list.

Want to know more?

See our Installation and GettingStarted guides.

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