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A score-informed variant of Wave-U-Net for source separation of choral music
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scripts Add script to generate model graph. Aug 14, 2019
CCMixter.xml Initial commit May 9, 2018 Read score-informed dataset of chorales. Aug 14, 2019 Support score-informed training. Aug 14, 2019
LICENSE Create LICENSE Jun 11, 2018 Moved plotting code into extra function, making training and … Dec 2, 2018 NEW: ADDED 44KHz version of best vocal separator (M5 model) that beat… Nov 16, 2018
musb_005_angela thomas wade_audio_model_without_context_cut_28234samples_61002samples_93770samples_126538.wav
requirements.txt MAJOR REVAMP of dataset input - changed to TFRecord format for faster… Jan 24, 2019
waveunet.png Added requirements May 28, 2018

Score-informed Wave-U-Net

This repository extends Wave-U-Net to support score-informed separation. It was created as part of my Master's thesis, in which I have used it for source separation of choral music. See the original Wave-U-Net repository for more information on the model architecture and installation instructions.

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