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Thanks for all the feedback, particularly in the AudioGames.net forum, on the first beta! We've made a number of improvements to this in light of your feedback (though we've not been able to squash all the bugs you reported -- we are working on it!) Here are the changes...

  • You can now launch a server and a remote console session from the Launcher.
  • We've a "key to the sounds" document on the Launcher menu.
  • We have included the old documentation for AudioQuake 0.3.0.
  • All documentation written by us is in HTML format now, so should be easier to navigate.

Please note that the old AudioQuake 0.3.0 documentation has not been updated to take into account the new Mac/Windows release, nor the new GUI launcher, so please ignore the parts about installation, the old command-line-based launcher and anything to do with Linux (for now). We are working on updating the documentation as soon as we can, and would suggest that if you're totally new to the game, you wait until we've been able to done that before playing.

Please remember that AudioQuake was and is a research project and not all of the Quake levels are very accessible -- however a number are, and a number of accessible multi-player levels are provided, as well as a server. Most importantly, we are working on updating and including the Level Description Language (LDL) with AudioQuake ASAP so that you can make your own maps for the game.

Please keep the feedback coming; we're doing our best to address the issues and make improvements.

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We've been working hard to make AQ run on modern versions of Windows and OS X; here are the results so far. This is a beta of what was essentially the last official release of AudioQuake, but with a re-written (GUI) launcher and re-compiled engine. You no longer have to install anything; just download, unzip and run the .app (Mac) or download, unzip and run AudioQuake.exe (Windows). Please direct feedback to the AGRIP Google Group or report issues directly on GitHub. Happy fraggin'!

P.S. There may be some rough edges at the moment and we are hoping to integrate the Level Description Language into AQ releases, for easy access, soon. For now, we just want to make sure AQ still runs as expected (if not better, hopefully).