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AudioChart Options Reference

AudioChart options objects are standard JavaScript data structures (like JSON, but as they often include references to in-memory objects, they are not necessarily valid JSON). This document explains all of the options that you can pass to AudioChart when using different source chart/data types, and gives an example options data structure for each source chart/data type.

You can supply the AudioChart options object to AudioChart as shown in the Google Charts "Hello, World" example.

Standard Options

These must always be specified, regardless of the type the source chart/data.

  • type (string): indicates the sort of chart you want AudioChart to sonify. Valid values are as follows, and their accompanying settings are given in the following section.
    • "google"
    • "json"
    • "htmlTable"
  • duration (integer): the length of the audio rendering in milliseconds.
  • frequencyLow (integer): the lower bound of the frequency range to be used, in Hz.
  • frequencyHigh (integer): the upper bound of the frequency range to be used, in Hz.

Source Chart/Data Types and their Options

AudioChart using Google Chart Tools

The steps to create the Google Charts "Hello, World" example are detailed on its page and the commented code documentation linked from that page.

  • type (string): "google"
  • data (object): the GoogleDataTable behind the chart.
  • chart (object, optional): the in-memory chart object -- if given, the data points will be visually highlighted in synch with the audio rendering.

Google Chart Tools Options Example

  "type": "google",
  "data": data,          // in-memory GoogleDataTable
  "chart": chart,        // in-memory Google Chart
  "duration": 5000,
  "frequencyLow": 200,
  "frequencyHigh": 600

AudioChart using JSON Data

There is a JSON example in the examples gallery.

  • type (string): "json"
  • data (JSON string or object): The JSON fragment, as a string or the JSON's root object.

JSON Options Example

  "type": "json",
  "data": "{"data":[{"series":"Test","values":[21,42,84,42,21]}]}"
  "duration": 5000,
  "frequencyLow": 200,
  "frequencyHigh": 600

HTML Table Options

There is an HTML example in the examples gallery.

  • type (string): "htmlTable"
  • table (object): the table element's in-memory DOM object.
  • highlightClass (string, optional): the name of a CSS class to be used to indicate the currently-playing datum's table cell.

HTML Table Options Example

  "type": "htmlTable",
  "table": table_element_object,
  "highlightClass": "audiochart-current",
  "duration": 5000,
  "frequencyLow": 200,
  "frequencyHigh": 600