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Dash: a development-side plugin framework

What is Dash?

Dash is plugin-based framework meant to run development-side in order to help generate high-quality static sites. The plugin architecture allows drop-in functionality, with a web-based administration panel to enable plugins and modify their settings (or edit the settings yourself--it's a JSON file).

Dash is not meant to run on a production server. Plugins, such as Flattener, produce files suitable for production use.

Dash is meant to work with Apache and mod_rewrite.

Why Dash?

Dash was written to formalize what used to be a set of disjointed scripts whose main purpose were to prepare a dynamically constructed website (think SSI includes) into a static version. Some of these scripts also performed combining and minification tasks on CSS and JavaScript assets.

Dash provides a clean and simple way to add and create plugins that help developers put together quality static websites. For instance, a Markdown plugin exists that can easily parse a markdown file such as this one into HTML.