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Convert a .docx file to markdown using the given command line arguments

  • This is a simple converter that will read a .docx file and convert it into markdown format.
    • It works on the command line or included as a standalone script.

On the command line

  • Run php docx2md.php to see a list of available options and how to use the converter

As a standalone script

    require_once 'docx2md.php';

    $converter = new Docx2md\Docx2md;
    $converter = $converter->parseFile('word.docx');
    $markdown  = $converter->markdown;

    echo $markdown;


  • This was put together based on code snippets from a closed-source project written in 2011.
  • It would be trivial to extend this script to work on a webserver baring in mind the management of file uploads may need to be considered.
  • Since most of the conversion work is left to XSL transformations, this utility could be very easily ported to another language other than PHP.
    • PHP was chosen because existing code snippets were already written in the language.
  • I look forward to any pull requests or bug reports to help make this converter as reliable as possible.