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Generate a citation file from Rust projects.
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A cargo extension to produce a citable BibTeX from crates

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Citing software is important to acknowledge the work of others, but also because academic software development depends on it.

One pain point developers have is to find how to cite a given library. One has to look in the README, documentation or some other file. A recent experiment in the Julia community is to standardize citations in one file at the top-level of projects, named CITATION.bib with all the relevant BibTeX entries for the project. Multiple entries can be added for different sub-topics related to the software, as you can see in the Julia repo.

How does cargo-cite help

cargo-cite is an experimental Rust crate to generate a CITATION.bib file for a Rust project based on its Cargo.toml file. It can be yours or someone else's. Once the CITATION.bib file is created, feel free to add other entries to it - for example, a software paper published in the Journal of Open-Source Software.


Say you are using ndarray for your work, but they have not published a CITATION.bib yet:

$ git clone
$ cd ndarray
$ cargo cite

A CITATION.bib file has been created. To add the reference to this file in the README, run:

$ cargo cite -r

Available options

See cargo cite --help for options.

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