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Setting up the build environment


  • Java SDK >= 1.6
  • ant >= 1.8
  • APIs in Android SDK Manager, currently
    • 13 (Android 3.2) for ActionBarSherlock
    • 15 (Android 4.0.3) for the rest
      • defined in
  • source code cloned from github
  • (optional Eclipse with Android plugins)

To get a working environment cd to the mobileorg-android directory and perform the following steps:


  • run ./


  • run ant debug

If you don't get an error, you managed to compile the project. The .apk files are in bin/. You can install the apk either directly on the device or via 'adb install'

Eclipse Setup

I imported the following projects using "File > Import > Existing Android Code Into Workspace" and selecting the project root directory:

  • com.matburt.mobileorg.Gui.OutlineActivity
  • com.twofortyfouram.locale.MarketActivity
  • library

Note: To also import test you have to include other projects, as well. But I haven't tried that out, yet.


  • Uninstall the current mobileorg-android from your device.
    • Probably renaming the application package also works.
  • Run com.matburt.mobileorg.Gui.OutlineActivity as "Android application".

Notes regarding pull requests

Make sure that any changes or additions that you make will also build from the command line. This is a requirement before changes will be accepted into the mainline branch.

Notes regarding dropbox.xml

The private keys used to access Dropbox accounts for users are not included. That's not entirely true. The file exists but contains dummy values so if you want dropbox to work on your local builds then you will need to request your own keys from Dropbox.

You'll also need to provide your app key in the AndroidManifest.xml file under:

Notes regarding debian(-like) amd64 build hosts

You might need to install 32bits version of some libraries. Depending of your system version, you could install the 'ia32-libs' package, on a 'multiarch' you will need: 'lib32z1', 'libc6-i386' and 'lib32stdc++6'.

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