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Setting up the build environment


  • Java SDK >= 1.6
  • ant >= 1.8
  • APIs in Android SDK Manager, currently
    • 13 (Android 3.2) for ActionBarSherlock
    • 15 (Android 4.0.3) for the rest
      • defined in
  • source code cloned from github
  • (optional Eclipse with Android plugins)

To get a working environment cd to the mobileorg-android directory and perform the following steps:


  • run ./


  • run ant debug

If you don't get an error, you managed to compile the project. The .apk files are in bin/. I haven't tried to deploy them using adb since I used Eclipse (see below).

Eclipse Setup

I imported the following projects using "File > Import > Existing Android Code Into Workspace" and selecting the project root directory:

  • com.matburt.mobileorg.Gui.OutlineActivity
  • com.twofortyfouram.locale.MarketActivity
  • library

Note: To also import test you have to include other projects, as well. But I haven't tried that out, yet.


  • Uninstall the current mobileorg-android from your device.
    • Probably renaming the application package also works.
  • Run com.matburt.mobileorg.Gui.OutlineActivity as "Android application".

Happy hacking!

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