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Setting up the build environment


  • Java SDK
  • Android SDK tools (SDK and build tools)
  • (Optional) Android Studio

Make sure you have the most recent versions.

Android Studio Setup

Select "Check out from Version Control" on the welcome page and insert the url to the git repository. Use default settings and a project should be checked out and built. Remember to configure the path to the Android SDK.

Notes regarding Dropbox

You will need an API key for the dropbox platform if you want to use dropbox with your own build. Adding the app key to the Manifest.xml file and inserting the correct keys into values/dropbox.xml will make dropbox authentication work.

Notes regarding pull requests

Make sure that any changes or additions that you make will also build from the command line. This is a requirement before changes will be accepted into the mainline branch.

Notes regarding debian(-like) amd64 build hosts

You might need to install 32bits version of some libraries. Depending of your system version, you could install the 'ia32-libs' package, on a 'multiarch' you will need: 'lib32z1', 'libc6-i386' and 'lib32stdc++6'.