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Failed to connect to webdav server using digest password #156

vanicat opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Since the last upgrade (Version 0.8.0), I can't sync my org files anymore.

When I try to reconfigure mobileorg using the wizard, it tell me that "Login failed: Test Exception An error occured attempting to fetch the url http://... Invalid username or password.

Testing the same login and password with any browser (to get the index file) or curl (to push the .org files) work as expected, only Mobileorg failed to connect.

Once (apparently wrongly) configured, mobilorg will accept to synchronize, telling me that "Synchronization successful", but nothing happen.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S as the portable, and lighttpd on Debian as webdav server.

I could give a password and login on this server for more test if needed


I'm not having any trouble connecting to 4 or 5 different webdav servers both http and https.... if you can create an account that would be helpful. send the details to me in an email.

Can you check your web server logs? I believe lighthttpd requires the expect continue header but we are sending that just fine.

@matburt matburt was assigned

I've isolated the problem, and solved for my config: I was using digest password. When using plain password, it just work.
I've renamed accordingly the issue.


I seem to have the same issue. I know I'm entering the username/password correctly, and yet it tells me incorrect username or password.


Yes. All my web accesses utilize digest. I also went in and changed to "Basic" and the login and synchronization worked fine.


Was this ever fixed? I seem to be experiencing this issue as well.

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