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I have been unable after trying several different options on my nook color (rooted) to get MobileOrg to work correctly.
my .emacs has the following in it:
I have tried several different ways to get index.org to show up but at best I can get a file that doesn't exist or an error that dropbox data wasn't what was expected. Any guidance on this issue? I am getting successfull push and pull commands and syncs.

'(org-mobile-agendas (quote custom))
'(org-mobile-directory "c:/Users/Matt/Dropbox/MobileOrg")
'(org-mobile-files (quote (org-agenda-files "c:/Users/Matt/Dropbox/Org/Main.org" "c:/Users/Matt/Dropbox/Org/Journal.org" "c:/Users/Matt/Dropbox/Org/Refile.org")))
'(org-mobile-force-id-on-agenda-items t)
'(org-mobile-force-mobile-change (quote (todo tags priority)))
'(org-mobile-inbox-for-pull "c:\Users\Matt\Dropbox\Org\frommobile.org")
'(org-mobile-index-file "index.org")


matburt commented Apr 1, 2012

So org-mobile-push works and generates the proper index.org file? What version of org-mode are you using?

We have a page in the manual describing how to set up dropbox access:

Please provide more details on what you are doing and the exact error that MobileOrg is presenting. Also include the market version of MobileOrg that you are using. The contents of your index.org file might be helpful also.

MobileOrg 0.8.5

index.org file:

  • [[file:agendas.org][Agenda Views]]
  • [[file:DawnGcal.org][DawnGcal.org]]
  • [[file:Journal.org][Journal.org]]
  • [[file:Main.org][Main.org]]
  • [[file:NonWorkGcal.org][NonWorkGcal.org]]
  • [[file:Refile.org][Refile.org]]
  • [[file:Startup.org][Startup.org]]
  • [[file:WorkGcal.org][WorkGcal.org]]
  • [[file:frommobile.org][frommobile.org]]

-----------------* end file --------------*----

my path settings in the MobileOrg app: index.org

I don't get anything at all other than my Agendas on the main screen.

If I change to /index.org I get a file on the home MobileOrg screen that when I view the node says:
{"error": "Expected a root of either 'dropbox' or 'sandbox', got 'dropbox"Expected'"}
-----------------------------------------end scenario
If I change my .emacs to have '(org-mobile-index-file "c:/Users/Matt/Dropbox/MobileOrg/index.org")
on the home screen of MobileOrg I get
{"error": "File not Found"}

I had one other scenario I tried last night If I change my .emacs to:
'(org-mobile-index-file "/index.org")
it produces a node on the main MolileOrg screen that says: "/index.org
When I view it I get:
{"error":"Invalid signature. Expected signature base string:
GET&https%3A%2F%2Fapi-content.dropbox.com%2f0%21files%2dropbox%2FMobileOrg%2Findex.org&oaut......(rest of string is oauth

That's the majority I have done on this issue. I thank you for your quick response. I'm really hoping to get this working. Yes, Push and Pull appear to work correctly. The android syncs appear to as well, I get my agendas and todos

orgmode version: 7.8.03 (release_7.8.03.269.gb6e89) (just pulled)
emacs: GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601)
of 2009-11-03 on LENNART-69DE564 (patched)

Do I need to try a different combination?


matburt commented Apr 1, 2012

Are you using the wizard to select the directory? We might require you to actually have your files in a subdirectory under your dropbox root. org-mobile-index-file is just the base name of the index file for mobileorg. You should just be able to leave it as "index.org". Sounds like you are having trouble staging your files and that MobileOrg is having a difficult time finding them.

What directory on dropbox are you using? Are all of your files in that directory (specifically all of the ones listed in the index.org file). In the MobileOrg wizard did you put a checkmark next to that directory?


matburt commented Apr 1, 2012

You need to clear your org-mobile-index-file setting... index.org is the default and it's just a suggestion to org-mode as to what to call the file when writing it.

It looks like you are using the settings screen to set the dropbox path (instead of using the wizard) you appear to be setting the path to "index.org" which doesn't seem to make sense given the other paths you have listed which suggests that the path should be: "/MobileOrg/index.org"

Are you not using the wizard to select the location where you have stored your index.org file as per the manual?

My files are in /Dropbox/MobileOrg/

I used the wizard to do the setup and it didn't work so I have been playing with different options to see if I could make it work (sorry, in my nature to tinker). I may uninstall it off the nook color and out of emacs, delete the folder and start over again following tutorials/steps (if you want to interject some, now is the time. :P

I wonder if maybe it is the rooted NC as when I get to the setup screen I see the radio buttons for the different sync methods (webdav/dropbox etc) but I can't see the actual names of the services --it's like they are black text on a black background.

Still playing with this -- if I can get this to work, will be a major +1 for me.


hdweiss commented Apr 7, 2012

@improvphilosopher is this issue resolved?


matburt commented Apr 19, 2012

Sounds like a misconfiguration somewhere down the line. Closing.

@matburt matburt closed this Apr 19, 2012

I have almost the same problem. The staging area looks fine, as does the directory on the SD card to which I sync (in my case, using FolderSync Lite, not Dropbox). Unfortunately, the main view only shows the "Agenda Views" entry and nothing else.

Could this be a size limitation somewhere? My .org files are huge, and the agendas are pretty large as well.


matburt commented Apr 20, 2012

What files do you have in the directory on the sdcard that you are pointing
mobileorg at?

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 10:33 AM, altruizine <


I have almost the same problem. The staging area looks fine, as does the
directory on the SD card to which I sync (in my case, using FolderSync
Lite, not Dropbox). Unfortunately, the main view only shows the "Agenda
Views" entry and nothing else.

Could this be a size limitation somewhere? My .org files are huge, and the
agendas are pretty large as well.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub:

#201 (comment)

It looks like this:


With index.org correctly calling out to the two org-mode files I have in org-agenda-files: foo/bar/baz/TODO and priv.org . Could it be a problem that the TODO file does not have an .org extension?

One more observation: The issue may be a mismatch of how various components interpret the path name configured for the "sync to SD card" mode. When using the configuration wizard, the synchronization fails unless I select a subdirectory (!) under the directory containing the index.org files. When configuring the path manually, I need to set it to the full path of the index.org file; providing just its directory does not work.

A little bit of info on this in case it helps others having the same issue:

This doesn't seem to be an issue specific to the android implementation of MobileOrg. Instead, I found that I was having the same issue, but only when attempting to push from the Windows version of Emacs. I finally narrowed it down to incomplete file listings in the checksums.dat file (I only had 3 files listed--as indicated by the OP's issue) instead of all files. When I switched from using sha1sum.exe for generating checksums to md5sum.exe, a proper checksums.dat file was generated and I no longer have an incomplete list in the MobileOrg Android app.

I recently have had issues with the sycning from the MobileOrg app. It worked up until yesterday and will only send the Agenda views. MobileOrg NG nor the iOS version are effected by this.

-Dropbox setup
Tested both on MobileOrg NG and MobileOrg iOS
Changed checskums to md5sum.exe from sha1sum.exe versioin .9.0

*Update when I push the files from my Mac it works perfectly


matburt commented Jul 13, 2012

apowell656, this issue is closed and unrelated to yours.... please open a new issue or join us on the mailing list to discuss a solution for yours. We will need more details.

perhaps this will help someone...

I was also attempting to push from the Windows version of Emacs. What I found was that the checksums.dat file didn't get populated properly until the path in org-mobile-checksum-binary contained NO spaces. Putting quotes around a path with spaces was not enough. I had to move the md5sum.exe file to a path without spaces.

Deficiency, thanks for sharing. I had exactly the same issue!

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