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handling org-class items and syncing them to calendar #291

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I'm using org-mode for organizing my university courses. There's a very handy function called org-class which allows to pass start and end date of a course and a list of weeks (e.g. 'holidays) where it doesn't take place. It's described in the org-mode faq.
My courses show up perfectly in the mobileorg agenda view but are not being synced to the calendar.
Another aspect of the org-class function is the day of time can't be a part of the timestamp itself but has to be in the headline or after the timestamp, e.g.:

* lectures
** Analysis 2 8:00-10:00
   <%%(org-class 2012 10 25 2013 2 16 4 'holidays)>

In Emacs the time of day is displayed as normal in the agenda view. It would be really cool if mobileorg will be able to handle this special case too.

Thank you for your great work.



Interesting. I didn't even know that this existed. Seems like something we should definitely implement at some point.


This also applies to other org diary functions like


Moved to issue #381.

@hdweiss hdweiss closed this
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