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Calendar sync: Delete limit exceeded #293

tsdh opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I'm just trying out the Calendar sync capability. It works fine and is super-awesome, except for this minor issue.

When I change my org files a bit, do M-x org-mobile-push RET and then refresh in MobileOrg, I get the following Calendar notification:

Too many Calendar deletes.

Tapping the notification, I get this dialog:

Delete limit exceeded

There are 167 items for Calendar, account  What do you want to do?

[Delete the items]
[Undo the deletes]
[Do nothing for now]

I always his "Delete the items". The notification stays there for some time, but eventually disappears. The sync seems to work, too, so it's only a little annoyance.


Please see issue #235. I'll get to fixing this as one of the next big things.

@hdweiss hdweiss closed this

Oh, right, it's a duplicate. Thanks for pointing me to the right issue.


The new calendar sync service seems to work fine for me, even with massive calendar updates/changes such as deleting and re-syncing my whole schedule for school. I've done some testing and can't find anything wrong with it, not even with the two-way sync so far. Thanks a lot, this is really a big improvement for me!

Also, I've switched to SSH sync so that I can test MobileOrg from Git.


Great! Keep us posted if you run into any problems with it.


There's one very small problem: events marked "all day" in Google calendar are improperly synced back to org-mode (for me, the time stamp became 2012-12-10-01:00, for example, which isn't even a valid time stamp I think).


Also, at least one of my recurring calendar entries in org-mode still doesn't show up, namely:

* F-tid
:ID: b221a81e-c7ce-4797-9695-2843f3e63dcf
 <2012-09-26 Wed 18:00-19:00 +14d>

But I guess that isn't related?


We have #205 and #233 for that.

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