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MobileOrg fails to parse org file with "#+STARTUP: odd" #74

tkf opened this Issue · 4 comments

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tkf commented

I have node tree like this:

#+STARTUP: odd
* A
*** a
*** b
*** c

It seems that MobileOrg parse the tree like this (node "a" is level 2 and "b" and "c" are level 3):

* A
** a
*** b
*** c

Do I need to set org-odd-levels-only for the oddeven levels?


This is most likely an issue with MobileOrg's parser... I use a tree depth based on the number of stars under a heading, where I look for a number of stars specifically... will look at fixing this in the next version. Thanks for the report!

@matburt matburt closed this in ed3f64f

Any ETA on 0.6.0? I would love to be able to start using MobileOrg in anger :)


It's all ready, just need to do another day of testing and package it up! I keep a test build here:
If you want to try it out.

You'll need to uninstall the market version before installing that one (since the signing certificates are different). If it does work then don't forget to uninstall and reinstall the market version once it is released (so you can get future updates through the market!)


Yep, it works great now. Awesome, thanks!

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@matburt Fix #74, also... clean up some whitespace and improve error reporting 26affb3
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