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Getting Started

Before using MobileOrg, please read its section in the org-mode documentation and the FAQ.

Then visit our Documentation:

MobileOrg 0.8.0 Documentation

0.8.0 Release Notes

MobileOrg has gone through a lot of changes recently. Because of this you will need to re-synchronize all of your org files.

Some of the new features:

  • New Storage System (org content is now stored in the database)
  • Search Support
  • Calendar Integration
  • Synchronize over SSH/SCP
  • Calendar Integration (with reminders)
  • Locale/Tasker Plugin
  • Self-signed ssl webdav certificates
  • Edit tags
  • Capture only mode
  • Complete UI revamp
  • Spanish translation
  • Improved synchronization system
  • Improved edit and capture modes
  • Full documentation in wiki

Check out the "Settings" menu for new options.


  • Setup wizard that walks you through connecting to your org files
  • Works on all tablets
  • Sync files from a webdav server or your local sdcard.
  • Sync files from Dropbox
  • Sync files from an SSH server
  • Choose not to sync files. Capture-only
  • Sync files in the background on a pre-defined schedule
  • Drill down into the document hierarchy
  • Long click to view the current level in a document view or edit TODO state or Priority
  • Show and edit TODO states, Priority, and Title/Heading and Body text
  • Show Scheduled or Due dates and add them to a calendar in Android
  • Support for capturing notes
  • Capture a web page (or any other "share" mechanism) to a note via the "Share Page" item in the Android Browser menu
  • Call the Capture interface using the Intent "com.matburt.mobileorg.CAPTURE" (or "com.matburt.mobileorg.donate.CAPTURE) from outside of the application. See Scripting
  • Decrypting encrypted org files via integration with APG ("Android Privacy Guard": Encrypted files must end in one of three file extensions: gpg, enc, or pgp
  • Tested to work with Android versions 1.5 - Honeycomb.

How to get it

MobileOrg for Android is now available from the Android market, browse to the following link from your phone or scan the QR Code at the bottom of the page:

MobileOrg in the Android Market on your Phone MobileOrg in the Android Market on the web

There's also a donate version!

If the market link isn't available to you, you may also download the APK directly by clicking the following link

MobileOrg Direct Download

Known Issues

For a list of known issues, please see the issue tracker. Before posting any new issues, please check the FAQ.

Future ideas (Want to contribute? Pick one of these)

Contributing Guidelines

  • Fork the repository and when you are done submit a merge request
  • Please use 4 character spaces and no hard tabs
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