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Setting up the Synchronizers

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Setting up the Synchronizers

MobileOrg Setup

When you start MobileOrg for the first time you will be presented with the new setup wizard

First run wizard

From here you can select where you would like to synchronize your org files from.

Basic Synchronization Requirements and Behavior

Assuming you use a mode other than Capture Only you will need to configure org-mode to push your files to the location that they will be synchronized from. Read the following section in the org-mode manual for details:

When notes are captured in MobileOrg, or when edits are made they will be stored in a file called which org-mode knows how to parse.

Synchronizing From WebDAV

Select the "WebDAV" option from the main wizard screen and you will be presented with the webdav configuration screen

Webdav setup

Synchronizing From Dropbox

How to set up Dropbox access

Synchronize From an SSH Server

Select the "SSH" option from the main wizard

SSH Setup

Synchronize From an SD Card

Select the "SD card" option from the main wizard

SDCard Browser 1

Click the directory to enter that part of the directory tree. Once you find the folder that contains your file...

SDCard Browser 2

Place a checkmark by it and select "Done"

No Synchronization (Capture Only)

Select the "Capture only" option from the main wizard

Capture Only Message

No further configuration is necessary for the capture only synchronizer

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