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@mattmccutchen mattmccutchen Automatic org-mobile-pull: Add warning about losing unsaved changes. Feb 15, 2016 3733f2e
@mattmccutchen mattmccutchen Changes to get the auto-pull to work in my environment (Fedora 21, emacs-24.5-2.fc21.x86_64). Please revert if they are wrong in general. Require org-mobile (otherwise org-mobile-pull is undefined), and replace nonexistent "second" function by "float-time". Oct 3, 2015 ed36f6b
@rhunter rhunter In the intervening years, ASE has renamed to SL4A and moved to GitHub (Google Code is shutting down) May 5, 2015 6f1265c
@kibago kibago fix wrong-number-of-arguments error Nov 11, 2014 979f391
@smtindall smtindall Instructions to contact Dropbox to enable keys no longer viable Mar 27, 2014 02fff34
@PhilHudson PhilHudson Warn about landscape mode not showing checkboxes. Mar 26, 2014 a14c947
bradyt Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Mar 17, 2014 0f92e3f
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated Home (markdown) Sep 26, 2013 c212e09
@matburt matburt Revert f39562a^ ... f39562a on Home Aug 19, 2013 bec5686
Guido Arnold added fdroid as possible source how to get it Aug 19, 2013 f39562a
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) May 6, 2013 a8f3f6d
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) May 6, 2013 339f64a
@unhammer unhammer follow symlinks when comparing org-mobile-files-alist in after-save-hook Apr 25, 2013 2a04d6d
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Mar 15, 2013 1d3a9f5
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated Home (markdown) Jan 5, 2013 436c8c9
@vanden vanden Added release notes for 0.9.5 and 0.9.6; added link to release archive; info drawn from the google group Dec 20, 2012 312efb4
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Nov 24, 2012 307c4d1
@matburt matburt Remove a spurious newline. Nov 12, 2012 60b281c
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated Home (markdown) Oct 24, 2012 e73b127
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Oct 7, 2012 7c48795
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Oct 7, 2012 3919bfc
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Oct 7, 2012 477f3c6
@csw csw Added note about Dropbox API v0. Aug 30, 2012 5554996
@matburt matburt update details to 0.9.0 from 0.8.0 Aug 14, 2012 16e9310
@matburt matburt Updated note in the contributions section about the new HACKING file. Aug 6, 2012 0c5bd01
@matburt matburt Updated Home (markdown) May 10, 2012 aa915a4
@matburt matburt Note about needing checksum executables on windows. May 9, 2012 8b9d5aa
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated Home (markdown) May 8, 2012 09af936
@matburt matburt Note an extra requirement for windows users Apr 25, 2012 e6f8aed
@hdweiss hdweiss Updated FAQ (mediawiki) Mar 10, 2012 b94a7e3