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source ~/.config/fish/
# Configure Jump
status --is-interactive; and source (jump shell fish | psub)
# Load all saved ssh keys
/usr/bin/ssh-add -A ^/dev/null
# Fish syntax highlighting
set -g fish_color_autosuggestion '555' 'brblack'
set -g fish_color_cancel -r
set -g fish_color_command --bold
set -g fish_color_comment red
set -g fish_color_cwd green
set -g fish_color_cwd_root red
set -g fish_color_end brmagenta
set -g fish_color_error brred
set -g fish_color_escape 'bryellow' '--bold'
set -g fish_color_history_current --bold
set -g fish_color_host normal
set -g fish_color_match --background=brblue
set -g fish_color_normal normal
set -g fish_color_operator bryellow
set -g fish_color_param cyan
set -g fish_color_quote yellow
set -g fish_color_redirection brblue
set -g fish_color_search_match 'bryellow' '--background=brblack'
set -g fish_color_selection 'white' '--bold' '--background=brblack'
set -g fish_color_user brgreen
set -g fish_color_valid_path --underline
# Install Starship
starship init fish | source