A !serious adventure for the Ununited Kingdom written in prolog
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Brexit start-up screen

BREXIT - A !serious adventure for the Ununited Kingdom

Just another text adventure written in prolog.

Part I - Road to Brexit

In the first part of this neverending story you will lead the UK from the Post-Cameron-Era to the beginning of the Brexit negotiations. The goal is to trigger the article 50 in Brussels.

C.f. Transcript for further support.


# Use the shell start-up script,
$ ./bin/brexit

# or load the sources directly from within your prolog session
:- ['src/brexit'].

Available commands

  • start.: start a new game
  • n. s. e. w.: go in that direction
  • look.: look around
  • help.: show help message
  • version.: show game version information
  • quit.: end the game and quit

Ideas for further development

  • Open source the project and call for collaboration on dev.to/ medium (e.g. a new chapter every month)
  • Two main path with a "remainder" and a "leaver" version
  • Some AI, e.g. having a Chaos Nigel, who appears randomly in the game and insults the player for example based on their system settings (on debian e.g. "Go apt-get a brain!")


This distribution is covered by the MIT LICENSE, for the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.

Support & Contact

Having trouble with this repository? Check out the documentation at the repository's site or contact m@matchilling.com and we’ll help you sort it out.

Happy Brexit