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New version of theme, rewritten from scratch with help of @vjeantet docdock fork. This theme is now fully compatible with Hugo 0.25+

  • Automatic Search
  • Multilingual mode
  • Unlimited menu levels
  • Automatic next/prev buttons to navigate through menu entries
  • Image resizing, shadow…
  • Attachments files
  • List child pages
  • Mermaid diagram (flowchart, sequence, gantt)
  • Customizable look and feel and themes variants
  • Buttons, Tip/Note/Info/Warning boxes, Expand

@matcornic matcornic released this Mar 26, 2017 · 163 commits to master since this release

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First real release of hugo-theme-learn as some features will be deprecated in the next release.

This version garantees full compatibility with your documentation website when you used this theme from the start. In the next releases, even if the community worked hard, you may have compatibility issues with the documentation if you don't follow new guidelines.

Next release will change the way chapters need to be created in order to have better automatic behaviour (auto generation of arrows, menu ordering based on weight)