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from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
#from generated.proto import gridworld_pb2
import copy
# interface for cells
class Cell(ABC):
def canBeEntered(self):
def __init__(self):
self.row = 0
self.col = 0
self.containsGoal = False
self.containsActor = False
def getCoords(self):
return(self.row, self.col)
def printCoords(self):
print(self.row, self.col)
def setRow(self, row):
self.row = row
def setCol(self, col):
self.col = col
def setIndex(self, index):
# index in cell array
self.index = index
def getIndex(self):
return self.index
def getRow(self):
return self.row
def getCol(self):
return self.col
def isGoal(self):
return self.containsGoal
def setActor(self):
self.containsActor = True
def unsetActor(self):
self.containsActor = False
def hasActor(self):
return self.containsActor
def __eq__(self, other):
return(self.row == other.row and self.col == other.col and self.containsActor == other.containsActor)
def __str__(self):
return "@"
def isWall(self):
return False
#def serialize(self):
#cell = gridworld_pb2.Cell()
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