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MATE Automated Android Testing Tool
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Automated Android Testing with MATE

MATE is a tool for automated android app testing featuring various (genetic) algorithms. The project is divided into two parts: the MATE framework and unit tests for android managed in this repository and a server that runs on a host machine which is responsible for some analysis that can not be performed by the instrumentation tests themselves. The repository containing the MATE server can be found here.

How to run MATE

1) Start the device

Setup the emulator or attach your device via USB and enable USB-Debugging. Install and open(!) the app you want to test.

2) Build and run MATE server

Refer to the instructions from the MATE server repository.

3) Installing and running MATE

a) Android Studio (for Developers)

Open Android Studio. Select "Check out project from Version Control" and click through the wizard (use git with url Install Android Sdk when prompted.

To run a test use the project browser to find the unit tests (either app -> java -> org.mate (androidTest) or mate -> app -> src -> androidTest -> java -> org.mate) and rightclick -> run '<testName>'.

b) Gradle

Install the Android Sdk and set the $ANDROID_HOME environment variable. Clone the git repository

git clone

Change into the project folder

cd mate

Install MATE and MATE unit tests (use gradlew.bat instead when using Windows):

./gradlew installDebug
./gradlew installDebugAndroidTest

Execute test over adb:

adb shell am instrument -w -r -e debug false -e class \
    'org.mate.ExecuteMATEAccTestingRandom' \

Replace ExecuteMATEAccTestingRandom with desired test.

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