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raveit65 commented Mar 9, 2012

conflicting files:

This patch fix the conflict:
The patch is a little bit tricky because the patched mate-doc-utils needs /usr/bin/matexml2po during package compiling.
If you build on a desktop you've rename /usr/bin/xml2po to /usr/bin/matexml2po for building the package.
If you build on a build system like me you've to installed a patched package first in the build system.
After installing the first version of the patched mate-doc-utils the build problem is gone.

I've build some new mate packages with the patched version and /usr/bin/matexml2po works well.

Ok, a normal user doesn't effect by this issue but a package mantainer who needs gnome3-devel can't install mate-doc-utils without this patch.


can you solve this issue in the same way we fixed it in debian package?

check here


If you mean this commit mate-desktop/debian-packages@27e0580
can you explain it more detailed why this solve the conflict?


you should make a package "mate-doc-utils-gnome" which contains file in conflict, and all packages should depends on "mate-doc-utils-gnome" OR "gnome-doc-utils". see debian/control file


Thanks Stefano,
this might be a easier solution. I'll try to do that.
But i think than it's better comple removed the conflicting files in the build process and make 'BuidRequires' and 'package Requires' for packages to mate-doc-utils and gnome-doc-utils.
Can this work?


but if in future gnome-doc-utils change something, we need to update all of our packages. I think in future we need to rename conflicts.


Wolfgang: did you solve this issue?


It's fixed Stefano.
I remove the conflicting files and add gnome-doc-utils as an dependency for fedora.
See fedora-packages / mate-doc-utils / mate-doc-utils.spec under %install

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mariobl commented Jul 29, 2012

For future releases, we should think about to migrate all dependencies of gnome-doc-utils and mate-doc-utils to itstool [1]. It can handle DocBook and Mallard docs as well, and it has some abilities which the old g-d-u stuff doesn't have, such as (for the output invisible) xml comments which mark sequences as not translatable.


@raveit65 raveit65 reopened this Jul 29, 2012

better than this mixing construct with gnome-doc-utils

mariobl commented Jul 29, 2012

I could help out to migrate the appropriate modules, in my humble abilities. Don't expect too much, but I have some experiences with such XML things, and I think I can. Keep in mind, it's a lot of work, and it will take some time...

szesch commented Jul 29, 2012

itstool would fully replace mate-doc-utils? If so, we would need to make sure itstool is available for the vast majority of available distributions.

mariobl commented Jul 29, 2012

itstool is available for our mainstream distributions:

mariobl commented Aug 9, 2012

Unfortunately, itstool cannot replace mate-doc-utils (or even gnome-doc-utils) completely. As far as I can see, the conflicting files refer to the xml2po script. That one can be replaced by itstool. But I've no idea for the time being how we could handle with the Mallard stuff, which comes from gnome-doc-utils-stylesheets (in Fedora).

we'll replace mate-doc-utils with yelp-tools

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