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lignux commented Oct 18, 2012

Hi; first of all thanks a lot for MATE, it's just awesome.

I was wondering if it's possible to make Atril read ePub files. It's an open format after all...

I imagine that this won't probably be a priority, but I guess that everything improving the original forked software is good right?



Currently, the only GTK+ software I know which supports ePub is pPub which is based on Python and GTK+3 using WebKitGTK 3, which is not installed, yet, on most distributions. I think it would be good to provide ePub support by utilizing WebKitGTK with GTK+2 version.

Bug 539347 – support EPUB format

[evince] Epub support


I am interested in working on epub support for Linux Mint, so maybe we can collaborate and add epub support to Atril and port it to gtk3 so it can be used in Cinnamon edition as well


@RavetcoFX Yes... I am already working on GTK3 support. I will be really happy if you help with epub support and we can collaborate.


@stefano-k do you have anything uploaded yet?


@RavetcoFX not yet committed... because it doesnt compile with GTK3 yet... but if you have time to work on it soon, I could commit my incomplete job

abstatic commented Jan 5, 2014

I'm also interested in adding epub support. I've cloned the repo and compiled Atril , just starting out from scratch

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You might like to check out the Python library which has support for reading EPUB. It has recently arrived in Debian jessie and Ubuntu Utopic.

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Using ebooklib #19


A great thank to @rootAvish

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