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### caja 1.19.0
* sync with transifex
* restore DBus interface initialization
* CSS: Load a different caja-desktop.css with GTK 3.14
* Use gtk+-3 bookmarks location
* Open With dialog: force icon size
* file: make caja_file_get_gicon return custom icons too (#765)
* Expand grid width to canvas
* update copyright year to 2017
* use atk_component_get_extents instead of atk_component_get_position
* don't parse .hidden files manually - GIO does it since 2.36
* don't check nonexistent MATE22_USER_DIR env var
* don't check nonexistent ~/.mate2 directory
* eel-accessibility: remove unused code and outdated comments
* show correct right-click menu after making selection
* eel: Queue resizes on the canvas as elements change visibility
* Add size_request to IconContainer to work around unncecessary relayouting
* IconCanvasItem: fix overlapping filenames on hover
* eel: remove unneeded #include with condition
* eel: remove some unused code from eel-gdk-pixbuf-extensions
* fix build warning (no const needed there)
* fix build with gcc 4.9.2 (looks like it's in c89 mode by default)
* search: added tag support (xattr::xdg.tags).
* Fix broken rename in list view by selectin file name cell.
* property-browser: add style class frame to scrolledwindows
* caja-application.c: Fix uninitialized variable
### caja 1.18.0
* NEWS: use consistent, project wide, markdown-like formatting to make
generating release announcements easier
* Build: require libmate-desktop >= 1.17.3
* Move to GTK+3 (require GTK+ >= 3.14), drop GTK+2 code and --with-gtk
build option
* Port from libunique to GtkApplication
* Implement copy queue and pausing
* Add option for asking confirmation before moving files to trash
* Add support for back/forward mouse buttons for directory navigation
* Add notification when ejected drives are safe to unplug (and require
libnotify at build time)
* Add --force-desktop command line option to make Caja always manage
the desktop
* Add ability to get feedback from Orca when additional icons are
* Drop metadata converting tool
* Fix crossfade issues with recent GTK+ versions
* Fix more graphics issues to allow Caja to use background for directory
* Fix some more GTK+ deprecations and runtime warnings
* Schema: some fixes and cleanups
* Translations update
### caja 1.16.2
* List view: show/hide columns instead of appending/removing them
(fixes crash when moving between trash and other folder with GTK+3)
* Icon view: fix accessibility issues
* Icon and compact views: fix moving to next/previous row (or column)
with right/left (or down/up) keys
* Prefs dialog: fix vertical expand of content with window resize
* Show "Open with" menu item and "Open with" tab in properties window
for .desktop and .theme files
* Fix cursor refresh issues on folder change in single click mode
* Fix runtime warnings on window closing and Caja exit
* GTK+3: fix mousewheel scrolling in compact view
* GTK+3: fix visual issues when renaming files
* GTK+3: force X11 backend
* Some more fixes and cleanups
### caja 1.16.1
* Fix regression that sometimes caused visual glitches when selecting
* GTK+3: some CSS adjustments
* GTK+3: fix accessibility on desktop (for Orca)
* GTK+3: fix several runtime warnings
* Translations update
### caja 1.16.0
* Use GtkAboutDialog instead of MateAboutDialog
* Pathbar: always show right arrow button
* Fix changing taskbar icon when switching between tabs with different icons
* Fix lots of warnings when building docs for libcaja-extension
* GTK+3: add style classes for elements of pathbar
* GTK+3: fix drawing and changing of desktop background with 3.21
* GTK+3: fix a large amount of deprecations
* Some more fixes and cleanups
* Translations update
### caja 1.14.2
* Translations update
* Make distcheck use currently selected GTK+ version
### caja 1.14.1
* prefs dialog: don't crash on toggling "Show hidden and backup files"
* GTK+-3 theming: add a CSS file for caja, and initialize it at startup
* GTK+3: add style class caja-desktop-window at top level
* Translation update
### caja 1.14.0
* Drop MateConf migration script
* Allow closing tabs on middle-click
* List Python extensions separately in extensions list
* GTK+3: add several style classes to simplify theming
* GTK+3: fix desktop flash issue
* GTK+3: a lot of deprecation fixes
* Some more fixes and cleanups
* Translations update
* Add Changelog generation
### caja 1.12.7
* Fix remaining random changes of font color in icon view
### caja 1.12.6
* Really fix loading multiple python extensions: revert the commit
that proved to broke the fix. NOTE: as a side effect, the extensions
list will now have duplicate Python entries if more than one Python
extension is loaded.
### caja 1.12.5
* Fix loading multiple python extensions
* GTK+3: fix crash on Ctrl + scroll wheel
### caja 1.12.4
* Fix random crash on startup when python-caja extension is enabled
* Fix crash when restoring file with special characters from trash
* Fix a few memleaks
### caja 1.12.3
* Fix wrong text color in icon view with some light themes
* Fix crash due to unneeded assert
### caja 1.12.2
* Set smclient mode to "no restart" when either running as root or on other desktops
* Properties -> custom icon dialog: add missing /usr/share/icons to Places
* Some more fixes
### caja 1.12.1
* Assorted bugfixes
* Translations update
### caja 1.12.0
* Connect to server dialog: add support for AFP
* Retrieve strings directly from gschema (requires intltool 0.50.1)
* Switch to org.gnome.SessionManager for logout/suspend inhibit
* Improve multi-monitor support
* GTK+3 fixes
* Some UI fixes
### caja 1.10.4
* Fix a crash when using undo following a file deletion.
### caja 1.10.3
* File properties dialog: bring back missing Notes and Image Properties tabs
### caja 1.10.2
* Places sidebar: enable both creating bookmarks and dropping files
* Compact view: don't auto-scroll to the right on long filenames
* Don't manage desktop and exit with last window when either running as root or on other desktops
* Fix double-click behavior when clicking on a folder and then on a file/folder inside it
* GTK+3 fixes
* Translations update
### caja 1.10.1
* Do not automount USB flash drives and CD/DVD drives while session is locked
* Reverted dropping of files to Bookmarks sidebar
* See
* UI bugfixes
### caja 1.10.0
* Allow extensions to be enabled/disabled at runtime
* Bugfixes
### caja 1.8.0
* Add GTK3 support
* Re add bookmark section in connect server dialog
* Add option to show file sizes with IEC units instead of SI units
* Add "Open parent location" in menu if we are in search view
### caja 1.6.0
* Replace mateconf with gsettings (much code taken from Nautilus 3.0 patches by Alexander Larsson)
* "Show backup files" option merged in "Show hidden files"
* Add support for File Manager DBus Interface (
* Allow to open files, if passed as arguments
### caja 1.3.0
* Restore toggle button for button and text-based location bar
* Add the ability to open bookmarks in the places side pane via the enter and space keys
* Add diff button for text files in file conflict dialog
* Fix autocompletion for remote locations
* Makes the filename column expand to its maximum instead of shrinking to a hardcoded value