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This document describes the keyboard and mouse navigation model used
in the default Caja views in detail. This is useful as a a guide
for people implementing a Caja view or something else that wants
to have a feel that is compatible with Caja.
*********** Icon view ********************
Navigation and selection:
When the focus is on the icon view you can move the currently selected
icon by using:
Arrow Keys - moves one step in the direction
Tab - moves to the "next" icon in order (i.e. at the end of one row,
go to the first icon the next row)
Shift Tab - moves to the "previous" icon in order
Home - moves to the first icon
End - moves to the last icon
In order to allow multiple selection the above navigation keys can be
combined with the Control key to move the keyboard focus without
affecting the current selection. If you use normal movement (not using
control) all the previously selected icons will be deselected.
If several icons are selected and there is no keyboard focus you press
up or left will start navigating from the topmost leftmost icon, while
pressing down or right will start from the bottommost rightmost
icon. This works the same way if you hold down Control.
To select or deselect an icon position the keyboard focus on it and
press ctlr-space. ctrl-space with no keyboard focus produces a
keyboard focus at the first selected icon, or the first one if none
are selected.
In manual layout (and especially, on the desktop) the keyboard arrow
keys work in a slightly different way. To allow all icons to be
reached the closest icon in the quadrant of the direction selected
will be used as the "next" icon when navigating.
Other keyboard shortcuts:
Return, Keypad Return - Activate the selected objects
Space (without control) - Activate the selected objects
Escape - Undo icon stretching if in progress
Alt Left - go back
Alt Right - go forward
Alt Up - go up a directory
Alt Down - enter directory / activate selection
Shift-F10 bring up context menu for selection, or the directory context menu if nothing is selected
Ctrl-F10 bring up context menu for directory
Other key presses are used for typeahead search
In rename mode:
Escape - Cancel rename
Return, Keypad Return - Finish rename
In double click mode:
Clicking on an icon selects it and deselects all others on
BUTTON_PRESS. Dragging does the default dnd file operation.
Clicking on blank space deselect all selected icons. Doesn't allow
Double clicking (both clicks on the same icon) with no modifiers
activates the clicked file. (And deselects the others due to the first
Clicking when Control (Shift can also be used, which is not written
out below) is held down can be used to do multiple selections.
Control-click on empty space does nothing.
Control-click on unselected icon selects it on BUTTON_PRESS
Control-click on selected icon de-selects it on BUTTON_RELEASE
Control-double click does nothing
Control can be held down while starting a drag
While doing a drag modifers affect the operation the drag causes:
Control - Copy the files
Shift - Move the files
Alt - Open a menu with the available alternatives
All the basic clicks are typically done with the left button, but can
be done with the other buttons to. [Do we want this?] However some of
the buttons also have special operations:
Right-click on a selected icon opens the context menu for the selected
Right-click on empty space opens the context menu for the directory.
Middle-button drag always opens the menu with possible operations on
In single click mode:
Single click mode work just like double click mode except single
clicks on icons activate the icon on button release if you didn't
drag, didn't hold down for 1.5 secs or clicked twice within the
double-click time.
*********** List view ********************
[TODO: Add stuff here]