Caja didn't show any thumbinails in list mode #153

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geplus commented Aug 24, 2013 edited

Latest version of Caja (1.6.2) didn't show any thumbinails in list mode. The same happens for the folders that use an image as icon.
Also, the thumbinails of .XCE images aren't showed in all view modes, despite other file managers (PC Man FM and Thunar) show them.
I've already try to set Show Thumbnails to alwais, but it's the same.

Also, when you are in list view and you middle-click to a folder one time for open a folder in a tab, the folder doesn't open: you must middle-click twice, despite the preferences settings.

Also using ffmpeg thumbnails, any video preview is showed in list mode, and in compact view mode isn't showed under 150% dimensions.

On Nautilus,Thunar etc. everything works good. so I'm sure it's a problem related Caja.

I hope these issues will be resolved soon, these thumbinails bug ruin one of the best Linux file managers ever.

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raveit65 commented Oct 7, 2013

"mark as can be closed, PR is merged"

geplus commented Oct 22, 2013

no, I just asked if this bug were resolved with the patch posted in pull request #154 , but it didn't resolve it, unfortunatley.
The bug still unresolved with latest Caja 1.6.2, please confirm it and mark as "confirmed", so it can be resolved soon.

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monsta commented Nov 2, 2015

I'm not sure what's wrong here... isn't the list view mode supposed to have just small file type icons to the left of filenames?
Thumbnails of size that small don't seem to be useful to me. You want actual image thumbnails, you switch to icon view.

geplus commented Feb 3, 2016

nemo has thumbinails in list mode, so why caja didn't? I think it's a bug, surely. Thumbinails in list mode are usefull for my daily usage

raveit65 commented Feb 3, 2016

Nemo is nemo and caja is caja :)

monsta commented Feb 4, 2016

Yes, I see them in Nemo. Doesn't look good in my opinion. I'd rather see one icon per file type than very small thumbs that are useless unless you set zoom to high enough value. 😕

I also couldn't find any option to turn them on/off...

geplus commented Feb 6, 2016

an option for turn it on/off could be the right way


Thumbnails in the list view are very convenient feature and it needs to be enabled.


I also think it should be enabled. Dependent on the zoom level, list views also can have quite big thumbnails.

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