Most of remaining deprecations, some cleanups, and a leak fix #65

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Jasmine Hassan added some commits Dec 22, 2012
Jasmine Hassan [property-browser] remove deprecated gtk_dialog_set_has_separator 32a2dfb
Jasmine Hassan [eel] remove commented out canvas code d127246
Jasmine Hassan [icon-container] don't use eel helper to set adjustment values 99f8b5f
Jasmine Hassan [desktop-icon-view] don't use eel helper to set adjustment values 02affda
Jasmine Hassan [general] Use GSourceFunc instead of GtkFunction 46af99b
Jasmine Hassan [lc-p] remove unnecessary GDK_DRAWABLE cast ea7fa74
Jasmine Hassan [eel] Use future-safe GDK_WINDOW_XDISPLAY macro to query X display cbd664b
Jasmine Hassan [fm-properties] Use G_SETTINGS_BIND_INVERT_BOOLEAN where appropriate f5f249b
Jasmine Hassan [places-sidebar] plug leak in _dispose, add g_clear_object in glibcom… ab206cf
Jasmine Hassan [all] silence warnings from GCC 4.6
GCC 4.6 introduced a new warning about variables declared and initialized,
but not really used in the function body. Remove all of these occurrences
to build cleanly.
Jasmine Hassan [general] Don't use deprecated gdk_drawable_get_size at all
Since we now require GTK 2.24, we can directly use
gdk_window_get_width(), gdk_window_get_height()
Jasmine Hassan [configure] Fix minimum GIO really required to 2.26
For g_settings_bind(), though it should've been required before for the
(now replaced) g_settings_bind_with_mapping() func.

GApplication changes coming up next (in separate pull request), which would resolve gtk_quit_add_destroy deprecation, in src/caja-window.c

and finally gdk_spawn_command_line_on_screen deprecations all over the place.

@stefano-k stefano-k merged commit 3ec2cb1 into mate-desktop:master Dec 23, 2012
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