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debian/ folders for MATE packages
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atril/debian changelogs: bumped some more packages to the latest bugfix releases
blueman/debian Updates
caja-dropbox/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
caja-extensions/debian Partial sync with pkg-mate.
caja/debian Processed with wrap-and-sort.
engrampa/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
eom/debian changelogs: bumped even more packages to the latest bugfix releases
gnome-main-menu/debian gnome-main-menu: belated bump to 1.8.0 - it's the last release now
libmatekbd/debian libmatekbd: processed with wrap-and-sort
libmatemixer/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
libmateweather/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
marco/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-applets/debian changelogs: bumped remaining packages to the latest bugfix releases
mate-backgrounds/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-common/debian mate-common: sync with pkg-mate
mate-control-center/debian Remedy FTBFS.
mate-desktop-environment mate-desktop-environment: bumped version to 1.10.0
mate-desktop/debian mate-desktop: build mate-user-guide as a separate binary package
mate-icon-theme-faenza/debian Process with wrap-and-sort. Minor sync with pkg-mate.
mate-icon-theme/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-indicator-applet/debian Process with wrap-and-sort. Minor sync with pkg-mate.
mate-media/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-menus/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-netbook/debian Process with wrap-and-sort and minor sync with pkg-mate.
mate-netspeed/debian Syncwith pkg-mate.
mate-notification-daemon/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-panel/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-polkit/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-power-manager/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-screensaver/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-sensors-applet/debian Syncwith pkg-mate.
mate-session-manager/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-settings-daemon/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-system-monitor/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-terminal/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-themes/debian New files from pkg-mate.
mate-user-guide/debian Sync with pkg-mate.
mate-user-share/debian Precessed with wrap-and-sort. Minor sync with pkg-mate.
mate-utils/debian changelogs: bumped more packages to the latest bugfix releases
mozo/debian Minor sync with pkg-mate.
pluma/debian changelogs: bumped even more packages to the latest bugfix releases
python-caja/debian Minor sync with pkg-mate.
README updated link to tarballs in README
README.AutoMate update info build: Allow to build more packages with same command get the latest caja-dropbox, not the one from 1.4 folder add webkit2gtk-4.0 support for atril


This is the repository of debian/ folders to build Debian and Ubuntu
unstable packages for MATE, for development and testing purposes.

You can use debian/ folders with standard tarballs from, 

Or you can build from git master branches. In this case you need to have
these folders:

    ~/mate/debian-packages      (this repo)

    ~/mate/caja                 (mate packages)

Launch from ~/mate. Example:

    user@test ~/mate/ $ debian-packages/ caja

The source folder will be copied on /tmp/, debian folder will be hacked
to build without tarball, and result .debs will be put on ~/mate.

If you want to build packages with GTK3, use to edit debian/
folders forcing them to using all GTK3 dependencies:

    ./ --all --gtk3
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