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coadde commented May 8, 2014

Add "libarchive/bsdtar" and "The Unarchiver/unar" support for (rar and others)
files support

bsdtar and unar support rar v3[0][1]


infirit commented May 8, 2014

Unarchiver is already used for rar files if unrar is not found, ac5d324.

And as I understand bsdtar is compatible with gnu tar so it is up to the distribution to make it work with bsdtar.

coadde commented May 9, 2014

yes you're right, but libarchive/bsdtar could be cool to be included on engrampa too. in my opinion is the best alternative option for RAR archives :)

sc0w commented May 29, 2014

on debian testing, I have installed the package unar, I dont have the package unrar.

but engrampa show me the error: No se pudo crear el archivador El tipo del archivador no es compatible.

the same rar file is opened perfectly with file-roller

infirit commented May 29, 2014

@sc0w works fine for me on gentoo with unar 1.6. And please don't put unrelated issues on a feature request, instead open a new issue.

@monsta monsta changed the title from Add "libarchive/bsdtar" and "The Unarchiver/unar" support for (rar and others) files support to Add libarchive support Sep 30, 2015
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