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EomPropertiesDialog: Remove unused private members
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fxri authored and vkareh committed Aug 1, 2018
1 parent e306d7a commit 734ad19
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 4 deletions.
4 changes: 0 additions & 4 deletions src/eom-properties-dialog.c
Expand Up @@ -77,8 +77,6 @@ struct _EomPropertiesDialogPrivate {
GtkWidget *bytes_label;
GtkWidget *folder_button;
gchar *folder_button_uri;
GtkWidget *created_label;
GtkWidget *modified_label;
#ifdef HAVE_EXIF
GtkWidget *exif_aperture_label;
GtkWidget *exif_exposure_label;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -629,8 +627,6 @@ eom_properties_dialog_init (EomPropertiesDialog *prop_dlg)
"type_label", &priv->type_label,
"bytes_label", &priv->bytes_label,
"folder_button", &priv->folder_button,
"created_label", &priv->created_label,
"modified_label", &priv->modified_label,
#ifdef HAVE_EXIF
"exif_aperture_label", &priv->exif_aperture_label,
"exif_exposure_label", &priv->exif_exposure_label,
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