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Substantive patches can be approved by any two of the current
maintainers (see the MAINTAINERS file), obvious patches by any one of
libmatewnck sits halfway between the panel (as an applet) and the window
manager. libmatewnck can be used by other applications and thus isn't
technically limited to usage as an applet, but it is not stable and
thus other usage isn't recommended unless you want to update your app
often. If you'd like to work on libmatewnck, some useful places to look
for more information are:
The HACKING file in mate-applets contains links, tips, and
information on writing panel applets, debugging them, and various
best practices with them
The HACKING file in marco contains information on the ICCCM and
EWMH which cover relevant X and freedesktop.org standards for
communication between the window manager, specialized programs
like the window list and workspace switcher applets, and clients.
devilspie is for crack. Not libmatewnck.
The actual panel applets based on libmatewnck (the window list, window
selector, workspace switcher and show desktop button) are found in
this directory under mate-panel, and all run as the process
This file contains bugs that explains UI choices we've made (kind
of empty at the moment, but we'll fill it in over time--it's
similar to the file with the same name in the marco module),
and also has a bunch of tracker bugs which serve to help
categorize bugs.