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paravoid commented Jul 2, 2014

xfce has a feature where windows are being placed according to the pointer position at the time. It's incredibly nifty and useful, at least to me :)

muffin, a mutter fork, has implemented this as well, with

The code looks fairly similar to marco (due to muffin/mutter/metacity common inheritance) and the patch is fairly trivial (basically one function + stitching that to the code with an option).

It could probably very easily be ported to marco and I could give it a stab, although someone with more marco experience would probably tackle it in far less time than I would :)

infirit commented Jul 2, 2014

I think it will apply cleanly except for the schema. Try it and send a pull request.

If you need help with git do let us know.

monsta commented Sep 28, 2015

Looks like it's fixed by #219.

@monsta monsta closed this Sep 28, 2015
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