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Compositing glitches since 1.18.2 #409

iMilnb opened this Issue May 25, 2018 · 4 comments


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iMilnb commented May 25, 2018

Expected behaviour

Translucent app appearing as translucent, as it did with version 1.14

Actual behaviour

Since upgrading to Linux Mint 18.3, thus upgrading from MATE 1.14 to 1.18, from time to time, translucent applications (rofi, gnome-terminal...) will not show until mouse is moved or by waiting at least 20 seconds. Sometimes these apps will only show partially.

Fix disable marco compositing and use compton instead.

Steps to reproduce the behaviour

Enable native marco compositing, install rofi with opacity < 100, summon it 3 or 4 times

MATE general version


Package version


Linux Distribution

Linux Mint 18.3 MATE amd64
GFX driver nvidia-384
Multiples screens

Link to downstream report of your Distribution


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vkareh commented May 25, 2018

rofi removed the opacity option a while ago, so I'm not able to test this.

In any case, try using the -color-enabled flag and passing a background color with alpha channel to see if it works. That's how I use it in MATE 1.20 and I can get a transparent rofi even without the compositor enabled.


This is the code that does it (note that this code is from the mate-hud project, but the transparency bits are local changes that are not upstream):

    menu_cmd = subprocess.Popen(['rofi', '-dmenu', '-i',
                                 '-location', '1',
                                 '-width', '100', '-p', 'HUD',
                                 '-lines', '10', '-font', font_name,
                                 '-dpi', str(dpi),
                                 '-separator-style', 'none',
                                 '-line-padding', '2',
                                 '-kb-cancel', 'Escape' + shortcut,
                                 '-sync', # withhold display until menu entries are ready
                                 '-monitor', '-2', # show in the current application
                                 '-color-window', bg_color +", " + borders + ", " + borders,
                                 '-color-normal', bg_color +", " + fg_color + ", " + bg_color + ", " + selected_bg_color + ", " + selected_fg_color,
                                 '-color-active', bg_color +", " + fg_color + ", " + bg_color + ", " + info_bg_color + ", " + info_fg_color,
                                 '-color-urgent', bg_color +", " + fg_color + ", " + bg_color + ", " + error_bg_color + ", " + error_fg_color],
                                 stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)

The various colors are in the format #aarrggbb, and sometimes you might need to pass in -fake-transparency for it to work without compositing (not always though, haven't figured that one out yet)


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iMilnb commented May 25, 2018

Thanks for the reply and the tips @vkareh, very informative!
I've also had glitches with gnome-terminal transparency, so I would say it's not really rofi related as everything works beautifully with compton.


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vkareh commented May 26, 2018

@iMilnb - I'm installing Linux Mint 18.3 here to check this. I'm on Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and gnome-terminal's transparency looks fine with composted Marco (no Compton). That said, I'm using intel drivers, as the nvidia drivers are somewhat broken on Ubuntu at the moment, so my tests might not yield much (also I'm using qemu-kvm for Linux Mint, so I might not even see the issue there, but might as well try it)


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iMilnb commented May 26, 2018

Thank you so much for you dedication @vkareh, yes that's why I mentioned I was using nvidia drivers, I can definitely believe this is the right angle to watch.
Don't spend too much time on this issue, IMHO it's enough to know there is a perfectly fine workaround (compton) for anyone looking to fix this issue.

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