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### mate-applets 1.19.1
### mate-applets 1.19.0
* drivemount: fix a build warning
* Translations update
* cpufreq-prefs: don't use deprecated gtk_show_uri
* bump libmateweather requirement to 1.19.1
* weather: If location changes, abort any outstanding weather updates
* weather: Added logic to not send notification if weather update is equal
(as decided by weather_info_equal ()) to the previous update
* avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_number
* drivemount: If the list is empty, it will show media-floppy icon
* stickynotes: reword previous commit a bit and don't leak dir name
* stickynotes: create parent dir for "stickynotes-applet.xml" if it does not exist.
* Restore Polish translation credits from GNOME
* Load graph scales automatically according to average load
* trashapplet: remove unused code
* cpufreq: set frequency on all cores
* Fix GError memory leak
* Fix for crasher in Command applet.
### mate-applets 1.18.0
* NEWS: use consistent, project wide, markdown-like formatting
to make generating release announcements easier
* Build: require libmateweather and mate-panel >= 1.17
* Move to GTK+3 (require GTK+ >= 3.14), drop GTK+2 code and
--with-gtk build option
* Weather: fix temperature label placement
* Weather: show proper help section for each tab of prefs dialog
* Fix some GTK+ deprecations and runtime warnings
* Some code cleanups
* Translations update
### mate-applets 1.16.0
* Build: require polkit 0.97
* Use GtkAboutDialog instead of MateAboutDialog
* Netspeed: use GtkColorButton/GtkColorChooser
* Drop dependency on libmate-desktop
* GTK+3: fix various deprecations
* Some code cleanups
* Translations update
### mate-applets 1.14.1
* Accessx-status: fix possible crash when updating layout
* Cpufreq: fix build with kernel 4.7
* Cpufreq: make build options --enable-frequency-selector
and --enable-suid actually work
* Netspeed: fix default route
* Some more fixes and cleanups
* Translations update
* Make distcheck use currently selected GTK+ version
### mate-applets 1.14.0
* Drop MateConf migration scripts
* Drop null_applet which isn't even buildable these days
* Re-license command and timer applets under GPL-2+
* Merge netspeed applet from mate-netspeed project (and discontinue
that project)
* GTK+3: fix cpufreq applet rendering
* GTK+3: fix setting fg/bg colors and font type in stickynotes applet
* GTK+3: fix several deprecations
* Some more fixes and cleanups
* Translations update
* Fix Changelog generation
### mate-applets 1.12.1
* Drivemount: fix invisible text with some GTK+3 themes
* Translations update
### mate-applets 1.12.0
* Accessx-status, geyes: have applet background automatically painted
* Cpufreq: make cpupower the default library
* Retrieve strings directly from gschema (requires intltool 0.50.1)
* Drop useless dependency on mate-icon-theme
* GTK+3: fix missing icons with custom icon theme
* GTK+3: make cpufreq, charpick and drivemount support custom panel themes
* Some more GTK+3 fixes
* Several small fixes and cleanups
### mate-applets 1.10.3
* Several small help fixes
* Rename sticky-notes help directory
### mate-applets 1.10.2
* Charpick, geyes: restore missing button icons in dialogs
* Actually install manpages on make install
* Multiple help fixes in several applets
### mate-applets 1.10.1
* Battstat applet: fix NetBSD APM support
* Invest applet: display proper icon in About dialog
* Multiple help fixes in several applets
* GTK+3 fixes
### mate-applets 1.10.0
* Use MateAboutDialog from libmate-desktop.
### mate-applets 1.8.0
* Move from mate-doc-utils to yelp-tools.
* Replace libmatewnck with gnome's libwnck.
* Replace mucharmap in with gucharmap.
* Add Gtk+3 support.
* New command applet that displays output from a command.
* Replace broken timer applet with new applet written in C.
* Serveal enhancement to invest-applet.
* Remove broken modem-light applet.
### mate-applets 1.5.0
* Migration to GSettings
* Update to latest libmatepanelapplet-4.0
* Mixer applet moved to mate-media
* Timer applet is not migrated yet