merge mate-netspeed into mate-applets #167

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monsta commented Dec 8, 2015

@flexiondotorg @clefebvre @raveit65 @posophe @willysr @obache

Well, some of you already know about this idea (or even suggested it in the first place). 😄

So I think we can do it for 1.14 release.

It will require some changes at transifex... I'm not sure if it's possible to merge translations there somehow, so probably we'll have to make an announcement there, asking everybody to re-apply their mate-netspeed translations in mate-applets project (after we upload the new .pot file there of course).

posophe commented Dec 8, 2015

Great ! Finally ;-)

raveit65 commented Dec 8, 2015

mate-sensor-applet should move too ;)

willysr commented Dec 8, 2015

+1 :)
less package to maintain

obache commented Dec 9, 2015

no heavy extra dependencies

monsta commented Dec 11, 2015

There we go, you can test #168 😄

@monsta monsta closed this in #168 Dec 14, 2015
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