Common scripts and macros to develop with MATE
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This directory contains sample files that should be in pretty much every
MATE application.


To make this work both for MATE Applications inside and outside the
MATE repository tree I did the following:

* There is an `INSIDE_MATE_COMMON' automake conditional which is defined
  in two places:

  - macros/aclocal-includes.m4 defines this to always be false.

  - mate-common/ does not include anything from macros and
    defines this to be true.

* We use this automake conditional in the macros/ to install
  $(MACROS),, mate-common.m4 and a newly created mate-macros.dep
  in `$(datadir)/aclocal/mate'.

  Since aclocal doesn't look in subdirectories we can safely install them
  there even when compiling from the repository.

  Also, there is no need to make any change to any existing application
  in the MATE repository tree - really fine...

* When we're outside the MATE repository tree, we simply need to tell aclocal
  that it should also look in `$(datadir)/aclocal/mate' and it will find all
  the macros.

  There is a `mate-skel' module in the repository that can be used as a
  starting point when writing a new MATE application that should be used
  outside the repository.

February 4, 1999,
Martin Baulig <>