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* windows: Add option to configure titlebar buttons layout
* appearance: Add support for metacity-theme-2.xml
* default-applications: Add support for office applications
* Adapt to MateDesktop MateRR* API changes (thanks monsta for testing)
* default-applications: Add support for accessibility applications
* Use yelp-tools instead of mate-doc-utils
* windows: Add option to enable side by side tiling
* windows: Add metacity support
* appearance: Add support for 'artist' tag in xml backgrounds files
* appearance: Change also titlebar font if Metacity is running
* Migration to gsettings.
* Keybindings capplet: requires libdconf-dev to delete custom shortcuts.
* Appearance capplet: increased minimum dialog size.
* About me capplet: removed evolution stuff.
* Network capplet: use proxy settings from gsettings-desktop-schemas
package (
Removed save locations feature.
* Removed a lot of old stuff from libslab.
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