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How to report bugs -
-Bugs should be reported to the MATE bug tracking system under the product
-control-center. It is available at
+Bugs should be reported to the MATE bug tracking system under github:
In the report please include the following information -
Operating system and version
- For Linux, version of the C library
+ For Linux, version of the C and glib libraries
How to reproduce the bug if possible
If the bug was a crash, include the exact text that was printed out
A stacktrace where possible [see below]
@@ -43,11 +43,7 @@ Once you have the backtrace, copy and paste this either into the
Patches -
-Patches should be submitted to or emailed to the list. If using bugzilla, attach
-the patch to a new bug report [or preferably, check to see if there is
-already a bug report that corresponds to your patch]. Bug reports
-containing patches should include the 'PATCH' keyword.
-Patches should be created using the unified diff form.
- ie. svn diff file-to-be-patched.c > patch.diff
+Patches should be submitted to github as pull requests:

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