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mate-keyring doesn't save password #2

martinkrung opened this Issue February 03, 2012 · 16 comments

4 participants

martinkrung Stefano Karapetsas Wolfgang Ulbrich Evgeniy Philippov

I also have this problem on LM12

kill mate-keyring-daemon

will solve it, but then just gnome-keyring-daemon is used, which works for me.

why start both gnome-keyring-daemon and mate-keyring-daemon

meybe this is anyway an question for the mint guys..

Wolfgang Ulbrich

I can confirm that the issue already in fedora exist.
mate-keying doen't save any login keyring data in /home/user/.mate2/keyrings
A other fedora user reported that no wifi password from networkmanager would save in result of this error.
After a logout he has to enter the password again.

For me it's not exeptable to use gnome-keyring because why mate have this package.

Wolfgang Ulbrich

This happend if i start bastile from the terminal.

[rave@mother ~]$ bastile
** Message: init gpgme version 1.3.0
** Message: secret service operation failed: Couldn't retrieve properties: Internal error
** Message: secret service operation failed: Couldn't retrieve properties: Internal error
** Message: failed to retrieve info for keyring login: Error communicating with mate-keyring-daemon
** Message: secret service operation failed: Couldn't retrieve properties: Internal error

Stefano Karapetsas

bastile is not part of MATE

Wolfgang Ulbrich

Hi Stefano,
i know basitle is not a official mate packages, but i use several package from this github for fedora because they work and they are consequently renamed.
Bastile is not the problem. With basite i wanted to show you what's the problem is and it's still exists not only in fedora.
With seahorse you can't do that because it asked for gnome-keyring.
But i figure out a part of the problem.
I delete with bastile the login keyring from the install of mate-keyring, create a new one and than the error from the terminal is gone.
But i missed login keyring infos in /home/user/.mate2/keyrings !
Mate-keyring doesn't save any login info's.
Sorry that's the problem and not using bastile.


Stefano Karapetsas

I know... that was just to clarify :)

Wolfgang Ulbrich

Ok, i've recognize the issue. It's a problem with the pam files from gdm if we use gdm.
Adding those lines to

-- /etc/pam.d/gdm
auth optional
session optional auto_start
-- /etc/pam.d/gdm-password
auth optional
session optional auto_start
-- /etc/pam.d/gdm-autologin
session optional auto_start

fixed the issue.
[rave@mother ~]$ pgrep -fl key
1304 /usr/bin/system-setup-keyboard
3690 /usr/bin/mate-keyring-daemon --daemonize --login

[rave@mother ~]$ ls /home/rave/.config/mate/keyrings
default user.keystore user.keystore.KRJRAW user.keystore.SBEOAW
login.keyring user.keystore.H38YAW user.keystore.NKOJAW wolfgang.keyring

With mdm it's the same. I think it must be similar with other display manager.
I 'll be fixed the pam files in mdm.

Wolfgang Ulbrich

Some user in the german fedora forum told me that networmanager and evolution doesn' find any keyring for wifi and the online calender funktion.

e-data-server-ui-Message: Unable to find password(s) in keyring (Keyring reports: Keine passenden Ergebnisse)
Gkr-Message: secret service operation failed: The algorithm 'dh-ietf1024-sha256-aes128-cbc-pkcs7' is not supported

(evolution:11106): e-data-server-ui-WARNING **: Unable to create password in keyring (Keyring reports: Fehler bei der Kommunikation mit dem GNOME-Schlüsselbunddienst)

It seems that evolution and networkmanager don't know where mate-keyring save the login keyring.
My problem is that i don't have wifi at my home for testing this issue.

Does this problem also exists in other distros?

For the moment i think about to switch to gnome-keyring for the mate-fedora until this issue is fixed.

Wolfgang Ulbrich

I figure out that it's absolute necessary to use gnome-keyring for networkmanager and evolution-contacts.
But this work only if mate-keyring is complete removed.
Because most user used those popular programes i prepare a swich to gnome-keyring for the moment until we found a other solution.
Do anyone know which mate programes doesn't work without the mate-keyring-daemon ?

Stefano Karapetsas

Are you sure? I have gnome-keyring with mate-keyring, and I have networkmanager saving passwords without issues.

Wolfgang Ulbrich

Today i figure out that it isn't necessary to uninstall mate-keyring but it's necessary to deaktivate the 4 mate-keyring daemons in autostart.
Also i need this two lines in /etc/pam.d/mdm
auth optional
session optional auto_start

Without them /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.secrets.service doeesn't start for networkmanager.
All tested with a umts-stick.

Which display manager do you use?
And do you have all 8 keyring daemons (4 mate +4 gnome) in mate-session-properties aktivated?

New expierience from a user in the english fedora forum.

Wolfgang Ulbrich

This issue exist only if using gnome programs.
For fedora we found a workaround if someone use networkmanager or evolution.
In general i think why we have an extra keyring program, other desktops like xfce, lxde and kde use also gnome-keyring.
For a user would be this a better solution.

my 2 cents

close for me

Evgeniy Philippov

I also have this issue.

1) The networkmanager doesn't remember the pppoe password, so I need to enter its password everytime.
2) Gajim Jabber client fails to add an account when entered a password: .

OS: Ubuntu 12.04.

Evgeniy Philippov

I did this:

sudo aptitude remove mate-keyring

After reboot, this issue doesn't trigger anymore. NM and Gajim work excellently.

Stefano Karapetsas

fixed in mate-keyring 1.3.1 and libmatekeyring 1.3.0

Stefano Karapetsas stefano-k closed this May 08, 2012
Wolfgang Ulbrich

Hi Stefano,
for my knownlege, does this mean we don't need gnome-keyring anymore for networkmanager and other gnome apps?
Or isn't it necessary disable or uninstall mate-keyring for using networkmanager?

Stefano Karapetsas

you can use mate-keyring or gnome-keyring, at your choice

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