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gvc-mixer-dialog.c: avoid deprecated 'gtk_widget_override_font'

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sc0w committed Jul 8, 2018
1 parent a52e89c commit e06fd706690df1fb28548b15697d554b2512b32c
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +6 −1 mate-volume-control/gvc-mixer-dialog.c
@@ -1307,7 +1307,12 @@ make_label_bold (GtkLabel *label)
* from the current state of the widget, which comes from the
* theme or user prefs, since the font desc only has the
* weight flag turned on. */
gtk_widget_override_font (GTK_WIDGET (label), font_desc);
PangoAttrList *attrs = pango_attr_list_new ();
PangoAttribute *font_desc_attr = pango_attr_font_desc_new (font_desc);
pango_attr_list_insert (attrs, font_desc_attr);
gtk_label_set_attributes (label, attrs);
pango_attr_list_unref (attrs);

pango_font_description_free (font_desc);

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