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garar commented Apr 26, 2012


In current version of mate-notification-daemon (I have 1.2.0-2+oneiric) if you have multiple screens (I have two monitors attached) notifications are shown on screen that mouse is currently in. For example if I have my mouse in right screen notification is shown in right screen:

warning big image:

but If I have my mouse in the left screen notification is shown in the left screen:

warning big image:

So I would like to suggest couple solutions:

  1. If I select 'Top Right' in notifications properties it should always shown in top right corner of the desktop (in this case right monitor top right corner). It shouldn't matter which screen is active. Same goes for other settings: 'bottom left' should always show notifications in bottom left corner of the desktop (in this in bottom left corner of left monitor).
  2. User should be able to select in notification properties on which monitor notification is show. This a little bit harder to implement because displays can change dynamically and using saved selection can be hard if user changes screens configuration.

This bug is little bit annoying because I can't expect the notification to always show up in the same place, for example when I write code and use tdeamon (which uses notifications to show unit tests results) notifications tend to show all over the desktop.

I hope this description is clear. And thanks for all the great work you put into mate desktop! I really like it.

Krystian Kichewko


I agree, this bug or intentional option is seriously wrong without the option to specify the screen.

mate-notification-deamon at version 1.4 and the issue is there.

@szesch szesch was assigned Jan 18, 2013
szesch commented Jan 20, 2013

Users will be able to select which monitor to display the notification on or they can use the current behavior of picking the active window instead. This will be available in 1.6.


@szesch szesch closed this Jan 20, 2013
garar commented Jan 21, 2013

Hey Steve!

Thanks for implementing this, and thanks for all the work you put in mate.

Krystian Kichewko

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