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Usable vertical panel? #157

Amet13 opened this Issue Jan 17, 2014 · 11 comments

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Amet13 commented Jan 17, 2014

That's my beautiful horizontal MATE panel:
But I have a widescreen monitor and I want use a free place for example on right.
That's my vertical panel, how to use this I don't know.

Problems for me:
1. Gradient
2. Vertical mintmenu & clock applets
3. Fixed tray icons
4. Large windows list's icons

Any ideas? Thanks.

dadix commented Jan 22, 2014

I have the same issue in Mate 1.4.
I would like to see Applications,Places,System one above another not on the same line. and an option to resize those icons because in this configuration there are too big

slacka commented Apr 24, 2014

5-Remove length limit on window list.

The biggest UX issue I have is that the window list can't be expanded. As a result, there is a ton of wasted space on the panel, while the icons in the window list are too small to be usable.

glensc commented May 21, 2014

here's some more UI horror, the panel flickers because it can't decide whether to paint 3 or 2 or 1 columns. it flickers 3-6 times a second, real horror!, screenshot kind of explains what is going on:

2014-05-21_14 05 14-panel6


vertical panel can have horizontal text for time/date. it already has textautorotation feature. all you need to do is to insert line breaks into /org/mate/panel/objects/clock/prefs/custom-format variable for example like this: "%Y-%m-%d%n%H:%M" to make width of the string fit your vertical panel size. see attached picture.
as for the rest of functionality I think many ideas and a lot of code can be borrowed from much more liberal lxpanel.

slacka commented Aug 24, 2014

This would be great if it worked, but with Mint 17 which uses MATE Panel 1.8.0, there is no


Doing a Ctrl-F for custom-format, doesn't turn up anything relevant.


strangest thing, because I am using Mint 17 and stock mate
$ apt-cache policy mate-desktop
mate-desktop: Installed: 1.8.1-0
the parameter in question has been around for generations, it was ported from gnome2 where it also worked very well.


I have the following problem. I have installed mate-panel 1.8.0 in PCLinuxOS. Upright, when I open more than 8 windows of different applications. A list of windows come in looping and wnck-applet uses 80% of cpu !!! This occurs when the panel size is between 30 and 77 pixels. Both the panel on the right or left the same problem occurs.

damarev commented May 6, 2015

Bug has been around since 2002:

This is a major UX issue:

  • The "window list" on a vertical panel is just unusable.
  • Nowadays widescreens are the standard.
  • From many points of view, a vertical panel is the most logical option.
slacka commented May 6, 2015

I ran into the exact same issue with Mint 17. In issue #58 stefano-k said:

Because 1.8 uses libwnck, so you need an updated libwnck. The issue is not is mate-panel

I couldn't find any information on what version of libwnck was required or how to fix Mint, so I ended up downgrading to Mint 16.


Could you provide any more info to help Mint and now PCLinuxOS users? Are you sure it's not a mate-panel issue as symptoms are identical to how the old mate-panel used to behave?


Have you considered implementing #144 for this issue? I think it would fix the window list situation.

kafran commented Apr 22, 2016

state_of_the_art = True if mate-panel == xfce-panel + lxpanel else False

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