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Systemd-login support #29

Firstyear opened this Issue Nov 15, 2012 · 4 comments

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We are currently adding temporary support to inhibit systemd from managing power actions.

In the future, power actions on a system that posses systemd should use the login api, instead of managing these ourselves.

This feature is not suggesting exclusion of non systemd based distros - Merely that if systemd is avaliable, we should use its functions. If it's not there, we use the current power management actions and code.

Again, I'm happy to do this work myself, but comments and such are welcome.


--enable-console-kit vs --enable-systemd ?


Possibly - Or just --enable-systemd, because

@Firstyear Firstyear closed this Nov 15, 2012
@Firstyear Firstyear reopened this Nov 15, 2012

Possibly - Or just --enable-systemd, because when we don't use systemd, we are using the "current" standard actions via dbus etc.

dmashal commented May 1, 2013


@stefano-k stefano-k closed this May 2, 2013
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