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Suspend is not working when laptop's lid is closed with systemd-login1 method #59

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consolekit checks in code prevent systemd-login1 to suspend on lid close.

Orginal fedora bug report:

BUG is in gpm-manager.c in several places like this:

static void
gpm_manager_button_pressed_cb (GpmButton *button, const gchar *type, GpmManager *manager)
gchar *message;
egg_debug ("Button press event type=%s", type);

    /* ConsoleKit says we are not on active console */
    if (!egg_console_kit_is_active (manager->priv->console)) {
            egg_debug ("ignoring as not on active console");

In short, if systemd-login1 support is enabled, it needs to skip this ConsoleKit-specific check, and instead query
and friends for the capability.

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new debug output with lattest systemd commit. :-\

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