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mate-session spawns 10 x-caja-desktop windows on first login. #19

dmashal opened this Issue · 38 comments

Apparently marco can't start fast enough or .config/dconf does not get created fast enough for first login and exactly 10 x-caja-desktop windows get spawned.


If you run mate-session from a terminal you can notice an endless spawning of caja.

I thought switching to metacity would help but in reality it didn't.

I suspect systemd or msd to be the culprit here.

MDykstra is experiencing a similar issue with ArchLinux and systemd 196

Thanks in advance.



Toggling boolean GSettings key "/apps/caja/preferences/desktop-is-home-dir" gives additional icons on the visual desktop "Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures". Icons are not removed after boolean is set to "false"

Caja pops up showing "x-caja-desktop" in path-bar showing three icons "Computer, Home, Trash", when boolean is set to false initially being true. However, Caja does not show "Computer, Home, Trash" icons when manually browsing to "home-dir/Dektop".


Console output from mate-session at time of setting boolean to false:

ERROR:caja-pathbar.c:1871:button_data_file_changed: assertion failed: (path_bar->current_path != NULL)

** (caja:6060): WARNING **: Failed to get the current CK session: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit was not provided by any .service files


I occasionally get one of these opening on Wheezy and Precise.


It seems that this is a mate-settings-daemon and/or mate-session problem.

Ways To reproduce:

1) Log out and log back in really fast over and over


2) rm -rf .config, logout log back in

And for fun:

3) Run mate-session as a normal user from a terminal

Disabling mate-settings-daemon as a startup application seems to fix this.


I experience this as well on Ubuntu 12.04 if I create a new user and log in for the first time with that user. It also happens if I remove ~/.confg and log out/in. To fix this, I created /usr/share/applications/caja-desktop.desktop with the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=caja -n

This is mostly based on the existing caja.desktop file in /usr/share/applications. I then edit /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.mate.session.gschema.xml and change "caja" to "caja-desktop", save the file, and use glib-compile-schemas to rebuild the schemas. Now, removing .config and logging out/in does not cause x-caja-desktop windows to appear.

The change is essentially running "caja -n" instead of "caja" from mate-session. I based this on what GNOME/Unity did in




@bhull2010's fix works for me

@dmashal dmashal closed this

I still have this issue in Fedora and I had to use bhull2010 fix.

rpm -qi mate-file-manager
Name : mate-file-manager
Version : 1.6.1
Release : 3.fc19
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: Fri 24 May 2013 07:04:09 AM IST

@dmashal dmashal reopened this

@hadrons123 thanks for your comment. Please try the latest updates from updates-testing and provides the exact steps you do to reproduce the issue?


Looks like it doesn't happen anymore.

rpm -qi mate-file-manager
Name : mate-file-manager
Version : 1.6.1
Release : 4.fc19
Architecture: x86_64



@dmashal dmashal closed this

Thanks for your efforts Dan.


np. thanks @NiceandGently for his help too


Unfortunately, I still get this issue in Fedora 19 with

% rpm -qa | grep mate-file-manager

installed via 'yum groupinstall "MATE Desktop"'.

% rpm -qf /usr/share/applications/caja.desktop
% grep ^Exec /usr/share/applications/caja.desktop
Exec=caja -n


Mostly this happens only one time after first or second login to mate-session.


Even “only one time after first or second login” is once too many. Most users trying out Mate will log in, see this and switch back to Gnome or KDE—or worse yet, Windows.

@clefebvre clefebvre reopened this

Okay, I see the fix has been committed, then the issue was closed and reopened several times... Now, what version of Caja is needed to get rid of this annoying bug? It still happens in Mint 16. Caja is 1.6.2 here, mate-session-manager is 1.6.1.


At the moment fedora is the distro which used to get flooded with multiple caja windows on every login. But whenever I get the issue there is usually an updated version available in the repos which used to solve it. I have to thank fedora maintainers for this relentless help on this bug. But in Arch and Debian it happens only once during the first login and it never re occur again. Surprising when I moved to systemd in Debian I got flooded again. In someway logind is playing tricks I guess. When it comes to mint, I absolutely have no clue.

This issue has been around an year and there is still no clear permanent solution yet.

In fedora I am using this version and it might work for you if could build it yourself from source.

rpm -qa | grep mate-file-manager


Okay, I understand. If it depends on what init system the distro is using, then it's surely not yet fixed here in the code.
Well, too bad. Will wait for a real fix then.


@dag-erling That is exactly what I do right now. I have just tried mate but could do nothing with it. Back to KDE. I will check it later this year.


This is still broken in Fedora. It happens much less frequently, but it still happens. I have 3 systems running F19 and it happens on all 3. Usually it's the first login after I reboot the system, but it has happened other times as well.



@pgaltieri , which version of mate-file-manager do you use?
Pls check if /run/user//dconf is writeable for your user?


Unfortunately, the issue isn't cause by caja himself.
One reason is the /run/user/1000/dconf/ permission issue, the other reason is related to gsettings, see .
As workaround i've add a 3 sec delay to caja autostart. You can increase the value on your systems, maybe it helps.

[root@mother rave]# cat /usr/bin/caja-autostart 

sleep 3 && 
exec  caja -n &


Use 'sleep 6 &&' or a higher value.


This bug is still persistent here on Arch with mate-file-manager 1.6.3-1


Cool. If it proves to be the real solution, can it be backported to Caja 1.6.x?


No. We support only current stable release. But distribution maintainers could always cherry pick that commit.

@stefano-k stefano-k closed this
@felixonmars-bot felixonmars-bot referenced this issue from a commit in felixonmars/archlinux-community
flexiondotorg upgpkg: caja 1.8.0-2 - Added a patch to prevent mate-desktop/mate-ses…

git-svn-id: file:///srv/repos/svn-community/svn@108195 9fca08f4-af9d-4005-b8df-a31f2cc04f65

When logging into MATE under Arch Linux (caja version 1.8.0-2), I get infinite spawns of Caja. Should I file a separate bug report? logging in and out several time does not fix the issue. I tried deleting every configuration file that seems to be related to MATE, without any impact.


@CarbonFixer It has not yet landed in a 1.8 release. Maybe @flexiondotorg can add it to the package build (if not done already).


@infirit This patch is already applied in the Arch package.


Update you system because mate-session-manager 1.8.1-1 has been available for some while now. Are you running Manjaro?


I'm running Arch. List of installed MATE packages:


Then maybe it is another bug? I'm not getting exactly 10 windows, It just goes on to infinity.


It just goes on to infinity



Some people reported it still happens in Mint 17 where MATE is 1.8.


I have installed Mate 1.8 on openSuSE 13.1 and I am facing the same issue. After logging in, mate open endless instances on caja in the status bar and I am unable to use any of the application in mate. They just don't open. I am even not able to open terminal. I cannot log out, reboot and shutdown the system.

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