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daemon: fix a memory leak

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lukefromdc authored and raveit65 committed Aug 28, 2018
1 parent 763db9d commit e0b7a6bd974028c325aa6a7c93e7b662b990faef
Showing with 8 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +8 −1 mate-settings-daemon/mate-settings-manager.c
@@ -174,15 +174,22 @@ is_schema (const char *schema)
GSettingsSchemaSource *source = NULL;
gchar **non_relocatable = NULL;
gchar **relocatable = NULL;
gboolean in_schema;

source = g_settings_schema_source_get_default ();
if (!source)
return FALSE;

g_settings_schema_source_list_schemas (source, TRUE, &non_relocatable, &relocatable);

return (is_item_in_schema (non_relocatable, schema) ||
in_schema = (is_item_in_schema (non_relocatable, schema) ||
is_item_in_schema (relocatable, schema));

g_strfreev (non_relocatable);
g_strfreev (relocatable);

return in_schema;

static void

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